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Chromadek is one of the most popular choices when it comes to custom signages because it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The manufacturing process of chroma-dek creates a flat adherent surface that is perfect to stick vinyl onto its surface. This provides more customizability than other available options. It’s epoxy coated galvanized steel sheeting gives it more durability in the different weather conditions.

Our Chromadek signs are made of digitally printed vinyl that is applied onto a Chromadek sheet with an available option to laminate the sign. Lamination can either be a transparent vinyl or a special lamination liquid.

The sheets are manufactured in a standard width of 1.225m and an unspecified length.   Our most popular sizes are 2.450 X 1.225m and 1.850 X 0.925m. The maximum size boards we manufacture are 25 square meters, the equivalent of 10 x 2.5 meters.

The most popular vinyl used for Chromadek signs are polymeric, monomeric or cast vinyl. Choosing a vinyl will depend on the purpose and expected period the sign must last.

When requesting a quotation, please include the following for a more accurate quote:

  • The required size of the board?
  • Preferred type of lamination (transparent vinyl or clear liquid coating)?
  • Is the surface on which the board must be mounted smooth or uneven along with the picture of the surface/ place and how high up must the sign be installed?
  • Will you require a steel frame on poles? If so, how high above the ground must the sign be and would you prefer square or round poles?
  • Graphics of the sign you would like (this could also be in a form of a description as our designing team could assist in creating a sign for you, please indicate if you would like us to assist you with designs)?

You are welcome to request a price list from us if you wish to compare the different options available.

As an extra service, we can do the installation of your sign, this quotation will include the costs of planting the poles into the ground, the layout, digging of the holes and the cost for the cement to fill the holes afterward.

Delivery options are available for your Chromadek prints; inquire about this option when requesting a quote.

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